Top 10 Questions that I Got Asked

Here are 10 of the most common questions from my Instagram and my answers!

Questions #1: Where are you from and where do you live now?

I’m from China and I live in the US now.

Questions #2: When did you start painting? What made you start making art?

I started painting in 2016 as a way to relieve my stress from work.

Questions #3: Did you study art at school?

No. I majored in Psychology!

Questions #4: How did you learn watercolor?

I’m self-taught. I learned it through watching tutorials online.

Questions #5: What paints/brushes/paper do you use?

For a full list of supplies that I use, click here.

Questions #6: Where did you get your art supplies?

I got all most all of my supplies online. Two of my favorite places are Amazon and Jerrysartarama. For beginners, I have a quick guide for you on how to choose the right supplies here.

Questions #7: Any watercolor tips for beginners?

YES!! Here’re a couple of 101 videos that I made for beginners:

Watercolor paints Q&As

How to choose watercolor paper

Best watercolor brushes for beginners

3 powerful tips to water control

Questions #8: How do you come up with painting ideas?

I have this habit of saving images and taking photos of things that inspire me. I usually got painting ideas from them. My inspirations are from all kinds of places - nature, Instagram, Pinterest, fashion, stationary, interior designs, movies, music …

Questions #9: What camera and editing software do you use?

For my filming equipment, click here (scroll to the bottom). I use Final Cut Pro to edit my videos.

Questions #10: Do you sell your art online? How to get started on selling my own?

I do have a Society6 and Etsy shop where I sell my paintings and designs. I learned how to sell art online step by step from SkillShare!

I hope you enjoyed these answers. If you have any more questions for me (or just wanna say Hi!), leave a quick comment below.

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