Watercolor 101: Best Watercolor Paints for Beginners

In this video, I'm gonna answer your questions about how to choose watercolor paints:

1) Pans or tubes?

2) Can you put paints from tubes in a palette?

3) How many colors should you start with?

4) What's the best brand?

5) What are some good, budget-friendly watercolor paint sets?


  • Recommended paints

Artists’ grade:

Yarka St. Petersberg watercolor pan set | Colors tested: Violet, Vermilion

Mission Gold watercolors | Color tested: Yellow Green

Winsor & Newton professional watercolors | Color tested: Payne’s Grey

Daniel Smith watercolors | Color tested: Deep Sap Green

Students’ grade:

Shinhan Professional Watercolor 30-color set | Colors tested: Violet, Vermilion | Watch Review Video

Marie’s watercolor set | Colors tested: Violet, Vermilion | Watch Review Video 

Superior foldable watercolor set | Colors tested: C19 Mauve, C09 Vermilion | Watch Review Video

ARTEZA Watercolor Pan Set | Colors tested: Violet, Cadmium Red Light | Watch Review Video

Winsor & Newton cotman sketchers’ pocket box | Colors tested: Alizarin Crimson Hue + Ultramarine, Cadmium Red Pale Hue | Watch Review Video 

Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolor tube (Indigo)

Prima Marketing Tropicals watercolor set | Colors tested: North Isle, Rouge, Thunderstorm



A Free Guide for Beginners

Arches watercolor pad (rough)


Round plastic paint palette

Ceramic 9-well palette 

Plastic 24-well palette with lid

Meeden tin palette case (24 wells)

Meeden tin palette case (48 wells)

Foldable paint palette

Spray bottle

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